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By Leona B

Hello and welcome! My name is Leona and I love planning. This page will tell you all about washi tapes, stickers, planner supplies, coulor coding in your planner and more.

Choosing coulors for your planner can be tricky... I reccomend you choose 1 sticker set for one week and then, you choose some washi tape to add and finally, add a few stickers to go with the same theme. For monthly spreads, what I do is I choose a coulor to go with the season. For example, in Autunm I choose coulors like orange, red and yellow and for December I would have whites and blues, but, for months like March when it is my birthday I would do my favourite coulors and photos printed off from my computer, below there is a video showing how to resize photos on Microsoft Word to fit a Happy Planner.

To coulor code, all you need is a pen and some plain, coulored stickers. Open the monthly spread, and in the 'notes' coulumn you can write any activities which will repeat multiple times in the month your planning for. Then, next to each activity (which you just wrote) place a sticker (don't repeat the coulors). Finally, on the day you have the that activity, place the same coulored sticker. Once your done it should look like this...

To create the perfect planner you need the perfect supplies, you can get planner supplies from Amazon or any good stationary shop. Planner supplies don't need to be fancy... they just need to be good!

A basic 'Planner Supply Kit' would have:

  • 1-2 sticker pad
  • 8-12 coulored pens
  • 3-5 black pens
  • *8-12 washi tapes
  • 5-25 sticker kits
  • *The washi tapes should include a range of bright coulors as well as a few whites and blacks. ...and that's about all you need for a basic planner kit! Happy Planners are very easy to personalize so there are many accesories which you can buy, if you want to... if you want a better planner kit below is a Planner Haul to give you some ideas.

    If you are scared to plan on your own there are many 'Plan with Me' videos out there. My favourite planner youtuber is Belinda Selene. Don't forget if you make a mistake in your planner, the best option is whiteout, but, here are some other alternatives for example, covering the mistake with washi tape, stickers or a blank little piece of paper. I personally love to use sticker kits in my planner because they are very easy to use, but, they are usually very expensive, so if you want a cheap alternetive you can use the video below for some inspiration.

    Happy Planners come in 3 sizes, mini, classic and large. The mini planner has a horizontal layout (like any other planner), but the classic and the large sizes have their own unique 3-section-a-day layout. The sections are labled Morning, Afternoon, Evening, but, if you get a sticker kit you can cover the labels. You can even get a make-your-own classic size planner which comes with no months or dates! Below, is a video of belinda Selene doing the same 'Plan with Me' with a classic size Happy Planner and a mini-sized Happy Planner.

    There are sooo many types of planner out there but, personally my top 5 favourite planners are... (if you would like to learn more about a planner in the list, click on it)

  • Happy Planner
  • Erin Condren
  • Heidi Swapp Planners
  • Filofax
  • DIY Bullet Journals
  • (Please remember I do not own all of the planners listed. Below is a list of the planners I own.)

    Remember, most things on this page are meant for Happy Planners but, you can do all of the techniques with any other planner. I have an Happy Planner, a Filofax planner, 15 bullet journal planners and 3 3-ring planners. So... that's all for this Planner page and I hope you enjoyed it. Bye!